Node with Multiple System Datastore

Hello, i have node with multiple hard disks, i cant run VMs with no problem, but i want to run every VM on a specific hard disk, like this.

Frontend :

/mnt/sda.. - Images Datastore - OK.
/mnt/sda.. - Files Datastore - OK.
/mnt/sda.. - System Datastore - OK.

Node :

/mnt/sda.. - running OS - OK.
/mnt/sdb1 - running disk image VM1
/mnt/sdc1 - running disk image VM2

But all VMs disk image still run on /mnt/sda (/var/lib/one/datastores), so i create Filesystem Datastore in OpenNebula with this settings :

RESTRICTED_DIRS -> /mnt/sdb1
SAFE_DIRS -> /mnt/sdb1
STAGING_DIR -> /mnt/sdb1
Base path -> /var/lib/one//datastores/  (i can't change this)

but, the all VMs still run on sda! (Base path).

Please, how to setup node with Multiple System Datastore ?

If you did create system datastores for these directories and the user has access to those it is most likely caused by the datastore scheduler still seeing the initial store as best option.
Scheduler policy is described here:

To test a datastore i usually just assign the datastore directly in the template to be sure to get the instance created there. You can define a datastore in the Scheduling part of the template.

Hi, i have the same problem. My opennebula layout is:
3 servers: for each one I use glusterfs of 2tb space only for image, and for system each server has 6 hard disk of 1tb (total 6tb) for the system (when I will instantiate the images).
Now, my problem is: I have to install linux and opennebula on only one hdd and create different datastores from sunstone for each remaining hdd OR I have to create a logical volume that includes all th 6 hdd and install here linux + opennebula? This procedure of course for each server. Thanks

Hello, when you create new datastore, you get datastore ID. Under base path new folder with that ID appears. So you have to just mount disk to that dir. Example:

New datastore have id 110.
New dir created /var/lib/one//datastores/110
You need to mount disk to /var/lib/one//datastores/110

In VM template you can select to which DS you want deploy VM.