Run VMs in selected system storage

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I have created system data storage with TM_MAD = ssh and VMs are running in this storage in node. but i have 2 HDD in node, so i created one more data storage. how i can mount second HDD to second data storage and how to select data store while create VMs, please a solution.


Hi Binu V,

Note the second SYSTEM datastore ID, on the HV node create a directory with its id in /var/lib/one/datastores
then mount the second HDD to this directory and don’t forget the change the ownership of the new directory to ‘oneadmin’.

When there are more than one SYSTEM datastore available you can tune the OpenNebula’s scheduler where to deploy the VMs. Or set datastore requirements in the VM templates. Or if you instantiate a VM on “hold” then you can deploy it manually and in the deploy interface you can select on which SYSTEM datastore to deploy. There are a lot of combinations depending on your needs.

If you are using LVM you should just add the second disk and extend the volume group, the logical volume(, the partition in the LV if any) and the filesystem.

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Anton Todorov

Hi Anton Todorov,

Thanks for the reply…