One 4.14.0 marketplace error


When i try to access the markeplace in sunstone i get: “Cannot connect to OpenNebula Marketplace”. Sunsstone.log gives:

Mon Oct 12 09:34:41 2015 [I]: - - [12/Oct/2015:09:34:41 +0200] "GET /marketplace?timeout=false&csrftoken=805940b47577475f81fd5c68ace0a834 
HTTP/1.1" 404 - 0.318

How can i solve this?


Hi Thomas

I don’t know if this is related with your issue, but since last 4.14.0 update I have changed the marketplace endpoint in our sunstone conf, we had this:


and we have changed it by this (without /… in our url)


And now the marketplace endpoint is working correctly again.



Is appmarket working for you on OpenNebula 4.14.0 release?

I am asking because I did not manage to make it work for us and I have the same line as you:


If it is working for you, maybe we can check by private later which is your configuration and compare with mine, so we make it work also for us, if you agree :smile:

Thanks in advance,

Hi @esfreire

Yes is working fine in our 4.14.0 testbed, I have changed the url line and after that I have restarted the sunstone service. Now is working correctly. Here is our complete sunstone conf, it was generated by Quattor, I don’t know if it could help, is a quite generic conf.

:auth: opennebula
:core_auth: cipher
:debug_level: 3
- :cpu: 1
:description: Very small instance for testing purposes
:memory: 128
:name: small-x1
:vcpu: 1
- :cpu: 2
:description: Small instance for testing multi-core applications
:memory: 512
:name: small-x2
:vcpu: 2
- :cpu: 2
:description: General purpose instance for low-load servers
:memory: 1024
:name: medium-x2
:vcpu: 2
- :cpu: 4
:description: General purpose instance for medium-load servers
:memory: 2048
:name: medium-x4
:vcpu: 4
- :cpu: 4
:description: General purpose instance for servers
:memory: 4096
:name: large-x4
:vcpu: 4
- :cpu: 8
:description: General purpose instance for high-load servers
:memory: 8192
:name: large-x8
:vcpu: 8
:lang: en_US
:memcache_host: localhost
:memcache_namespace: opennebula.sunstone
:memcache_port: 11211
:one_xmlrpc: http://localhost:2633/RPC2
:oneflow_server: http://localhost:2474/
:port: 9869
- oneflow
- vcenter
- support
:sessions: memory
:table_order: desc
:tmpdir: /tmp
:vnc_proxy_ipv6: false
:vnc_proxy_port: 29876
:vnc_proxy_support_wss: no

btw I have also tested this using a external sunstone configured with apache and passenger and it’s also working fine.


Hi @alvaro_simongarcia

I was reviewing our configuration again but it is not working for us and I am wondering how it works for you because you are not specifying appmarket on “:routes:” as according to the documentation,

Then, the main difference with us is that we have as Opennebula, sunstone and Appmarket separated in three servers (but you said you also have tested this) , in the auth, we have “sunstone” and we are providing a vnc proxy certficate. How have you configured the credentials? We have defined the APPMARKET_USER and APPMARKET_PASSWORD attributes in the configuration for oneadmin user. Do you also have it on this way? or do you just have added the appmarket user and password on /etc/one/sunstone-appmarket.conf ? I think this can be the difference, otherwise, I don’t understand why it is working for you and not for us because it was working on 4.12.1 before upgrading to 4.14.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @esfreire

If I’m not wrong we are talking about 2 different services. I was talking about the marketplace not the appmarket (probably a different issue).
About the appmarket appliance I can’t say too much… we aren’t using it at this moment :wink:


As always, you are right @alvaro_simongarcia :slight_smile: …hehe

I did not realize you were talking about marketplace until now and not about the appmarket addon, I guess I just got to focus on my issue…hehe…

I’m sorry for mixing topics and for the noise.

That worked. Thanks.


After upgrading to one-4.14 that attribute must be updated:

@esfreire , regarding the appmarket integration, we will publish a new appmarket version compatible with one-4.14, but we don’t have a date for that yet.

Hi @dmolina

Thanks for letting me know. Next week, I will take the advantage of the OpenNebula conference to talk with you about it in person :smile: …hehe