Appmarket 2.1 doe not display the appliances in Sunstone

Hello Team,

We have upgraded from OpenNebula 4.12 to 4.14 and all is working fine less the Appmarket (2.1).

This command works

oneadmin@node1:~$ appmarket list
54b3f242cf723241e8000001 Windows Server2008 R2 SRP
54b3f2d5cf723241e8000002 Centos 6x SRP
54b3f310cf723241e8000003 Ubuntu 12.04.x SRP
54b3f34bcf723241e8000004 Windows 2012 R2 SRP

In Sunstone we see this message " Showing 1 to 4 of 4 entries" however we cannot see the appliances. We reviewed again our settings and all looks ok.

Thanks for your support.

Hello Eddy,

Maybe, my post about it can help you :slightly_smiling:

Also please check that you have the following line on the sunstone-server.conf:

   # Marketplace endpoint
   # The url should not include the /appliance path since it will be automatically
   # included

I hope it helps :slightly_smiling:


Hi Esteban,

Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, my issue is not related with the marketplace, it is related with the Appmarket.

Could you check if there is any error in the browser developer console?

Hi Daniel,

Attached is a print of the console. Thank you for your support.

What steps did you follow to upgrade AppMarket and include the tabs in Sunstone?

Please check that the enabled tabs section in /etc/one/sunstone-views/admin.yaml is an array and not a hash

  # Array
  - appmarket-dashboard-tab
  - appmarket-apps-tab


  # Hash
  appmarket-dashboard-tab: true
  appmarket-apps-tab: true

Hi Daniel,

We followed the instructions of the below link. Also we used Array for the settings in in /etc/one/sunstone-views/admin.yaml

We appreciate your support.

Could you change the env parameter of the sunstone server to dev and restart the server

sunstone.rar (7.2 KB)

Hi Daniel,

I applied your instructions. Attached the sunstone.log. I did not see any error there.
I appreciate your support.

This parameter only changes the files that are used in the client side, so logs should be the same.

Do you see the same problem with the Appliances tab running Sunstone in dev mode?

Yes, I see the same issue. Sunstone knows there are 4 appliances but it does not list to them.

Could you discard cache issues, disabling the cache in your browser

Hi Daniel,

We have disabled the cache in my browser but the issue still.
I appreciate your support.