Newbie not being able to configure AppMarket

Hi all,

I have updated to the atest version of Open Nebula. Everything is looking well so far, but I keep having issues to configure and use the AppMarket. Maybe you can help me out :slight_smile:

I am following this documentation:

first step, “Installation and cofiguration”,

was Ok, no errors.

however, there are several issues:
1.- my server (localhost::6242/appliance) has no appliances.
2.- If I go to Sunstone -> AppMarket-> Appliances, it is empty too. Shouldn’t I be seing the official OpenNebula ones?
3.- All buttons except “+” (import, update, convert) are disabled.

Is all this normal, or is there any missconfiguration?

I move then to thenext step, “Usage”

I can create users as specified in “Managing users”, but I am not able to list them or any other operation, either with root or oneadmin. Any thoughts on this? Have you got any suggested user organization?

So i guess i am starting to take wrong decissions here.

Last I move to the last section, “AppMarket-Worker”

Installation is OK.

User creation, as specified on that link, returns an error

  "message": "KEY: 'role' is not allowed; SCHEMA: {:type=>:null, :default=>\"user\"}"


  "message": "KEY: 'status' is not allowed; SCHEMA: {:type=>:null, :default=>\"disabled\"}"

and then basically I don’t know what to do so I stop here.

Then, if on Sunstone I try to create a new appliance to convert an OVA (in particular, this one)

I get a “User not authorized” error.

I assume that I am not performing some basic opperations, but I am pretty lost at this point and I would really appreciate some orientation on how to proceed.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,


Hi Manuel,

The AppMarket component uses its own database, so it’s empty and you have to populate it with your own appliances. You are deploying your own marketplace and it’s not related with the official OpenNebula one.

These buttons only apply to existing appliances, so they will be enabled when you select one.

Are you using the marketplace admin credentials in the appmarket-user list command? These credentials are provided in the appmarket-server.conf file and the database is initialized with this data. Note that the marketplace users and opennebula users are not directly related.

If your users are not going to create appliances in the markeplace, just import existing appliances into their OpenNebula deployment, you don’t have to create user accounts for them since appliances are public by default and they will be able to import them.

It looks like you are not using the marketplace admin account to create these users

Did you provide the marketplace admin account credentials for Sunstone either in the sunstone-appmarket.conf file or in the oneadmin user template as specified in the Credentials guide?

Hope this helps, if you have any doubts do not hesitate to ask me.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your help. I’ve had some improvements. I am getting close,
although I continue kind of stuck.

(my response is maybe a bit too long, also to help anybody coming here with
similar issues)

For some reason, my previous post was cut.

Anyway, now I get the idea behind the user system. I have employed the command

appmarket-user create -u default -p default oneadmin.json

to create the required users. Now I have

                       ID                 NAME     ROLE     STATUS
 5507e9a99438224c3e000001              default    admin    enabled
 5507ecfc943822522f000001             oneadmin    admin    enabled
 5507ed4b9438225624000002               worker   worker    enabled

With this organization, I can now log into my appMarket (localhost:6242/appliance) with user:password = oneadmin:oneadmin

I also set the user:password for appconverter-worker to worker:worker in /etc/one/appconverter-worker.conf. Now looking at appconverter-worker.log I get the following message:

  "message": "There is no job available"

so I assume that the user/pass is being read and correct. This is all I need to convert OVA files to KMV images, isn’t it?

However, I still cannnot connect Sunstone to the appMarket.

In sunstone-appmarket.conf, if I comment the lines


:appmarket_url: http://MY_SERVER_IP:6242

(i.e. logging anonymously, having my IP hardcoded ), Sunstone is able to connect to mi AppMarket. However, I get the "User not authorized error" when trying to do anything.

On the other side, if I let those lines uncommented, so I try to connect the market with user:pass oneadmin:oneadmin, Sunstone complains with “Cannot connect to appMarket server”. That is the user and password set in the previous step with the json file. And same happens if y try default:default

I can however execute " appmarket-user list -u oneadmin -p oneadmin", so I guess that the user is well created.

Also, adding


as custom attributes of the user in Sunstone has not helped.

I have the feeling that I am missing some obvious stuff, but really don’t know what it is. Any idea?

Thanks for your help and your support.

Best regards,


Could you try adding a whitespace between the key and the value?

:appmarket_username: oneadmin
:appmarket_password: oneadmin


ok, that made it! Thanks again for your support.

Best regards,