One.db file missing

hi, I’m trying to install a new OpenNebula server + sunstone system. My install is missing a file compared with the old working system in our lab. The file is one.db in /var/lib/one directory.

Right now I have opennebula server + sunstone working… however, all VMs I create are failing. My other problem is documented at this link.

How do I create this one.db database file? Any idea what could’ve caused this file to be missing?

[root@one-master one]# pwd
[root@one-master one]# ls
config datastores one.db remotes sunstone_vnc_tokens vms


AFAIK the one.db file is used with the sqlite3 database backend. It created by oned daemon (the opennebula service) when first started. But if you are using mysql db backend it is possible to not have such file.

Kind Regards,
Anton Todorov