One private marketplace for multiple environments


I am trying to setting up a private marketplace that can be used by multiple OpenNebula environments we have running. The storage where the marketplace images will be placed is a CephFS, which is available on all nodes running Oned and on the web server of the marketplace.

Now, I have created an own Ubuntu image with one-apps that I want to make available through our own marketplace. However, it is not clear how I can do this so that it is immediately available to all OpenNebula environments.

What I’m trying to achieve is similar to the official OpenNebula Marketplace: the ability to upload new images to the marketplace from a central point and have them immediately accessible on all our OpenNebula environments. Does anyone know how I can set this up?

The information I’ve been able to find mainly focuses on scenarios where you already have an image in OpenNebula and then move it to your private marketplace. However, in such cases, it’s only recognized within the specific OpenNebula environment and not across all environments. Ideally, we’d like to skip the step of first importing it into OpenNebula before it goes to the marketplace because we aim to automate the entire process of building images and uploading them to a marketplace.



Public marketplaces (DockerHub, official marketplace, etc.) drivers ship with a monitoring system that provides app discovery capabilities, whereas private marketplace drivers have a simple monitoring that only outputs information about space usage.

You’d need to extend a private marketplace driver and provide such feature. Take a look at this section. Following this procedure is how the unofficial public marketplaces have been added to complement the official OpenNebula marketplace. Here is where the marketplace drivers are located.

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Thank you for the information! I’ll take a look at this and if I have any questions, I’ll let you know.