Private HTTP Marketplace - Nginx/Apache2 and....what?

Hey there,

I want to set up a private http driven Marketplace to perform OpenNebula VM backups to. Sadly, I must miss something, or i vastly misunderstand the docs.

My Idea was that I’d host the marketplace on my backup storage server and then be able to upload the backup VM images there.

The documentation (HTTP Marketplace — OpenNebula 6.2.1 documentation) sadly only explains the setup in a basic way, and I probably misunderstand the concept.
I mean of course i could just host an Nginx / Apache there but…with what?

Do I need to run a separate opennebula instance on the backup storage server and then communicate from sunstone to sunstone? Or is there a specific OpenNebula Marketplace appliance that i can roll out? Or is this literally just meant as “have a webserver that can take put requests”?

Or would the proper way be to host the marketplace on the sunstone host itself and just have it backup / upload to a directory on that folder, potentially one that is a network folder provided by the backup storage?

Maybe i am missing something, adding the marketplace in ON seems simple, but how does the marketplace server look as against the client?

Thanks in advance, best

Take a look at the internals of the marketplaces behavior here.