SSL secured web interface with OVA

I have read through the docs, through the community, and there does not seem to be a definitive, clear guide for implementing SSL at all. I have installed the OVA version in VMWare. Most guides point to nginx, but i’ve seen one guide point to lighthttpd, but none of that seems to be installed, nor does the guides instruct you to install any other tools (at least not in the guides i’ve seen). Is it as simple as installing nginx on the system the ova deployed, then configuring nginx, or is there some other dependency I am not seeing?

There is a documentation section dedicated to deploying the web interface with SSL Sunstone for Large Deployments — OpenNebula 6.8.2 documentation.

I found nothing in that documentation that actually worked for me. I am not sure if it is a difference in the OVA or what, but the second step in that document mentions lighthttp, nginx, and HA Proxy, and I see no trace of any of those on the OVA i deployed. The documentation also does not specify if one of these should be installed manually or if they should already be present.

So since you are pointing me to the documentation, could you clarify the gaps I mentioned.

You have to install the web server yourself, as that depends on the Linux Distribution being used to deploy the web server, it is not covered by our documentation. Once you have that, we do provide the configuration required, depending on your choice.

For example

well, since I am using the pre-built OVA for VMWare, the web server definitely is already installed. I just cannot tell which one, and like you said, it’s not covered by the docs.

You can check in with the package manager. The package name will be nginx or apache2/httpd. The last one depending on the Linux distro familiy.