[one.template.instantiate] User [17] : Not authorized to perform MANAGE USER [11];

I am trying to Create a VM using the Instances->VMs form

I get the following error:

[one.template.instantiate] User [17] : Not authorized to perform MANAGE USER [11]; Not authorized to perform MANAGE GROUP [109].

But the docs say the permission I would need the user to have is TEMPLATE:USE which they have in the ACLs.


— So the issue seems to be that I am logged in as user 17 in group 115, but in the Sunstone UI it auto-selects to instantiate the VM as user 11 group 109, so I have to manually select instantiate as the current logged in user and group. Is there a way to fix this ?

Hi @jungle, could you share the output of onetemplate show -x <id> for the template you’re trying to instantiate?

I had a similar issue (though it was MANAGE GROUP). I had set the VM template to instantiate as group “user”. Even though the user was in that group, it failed to launch. Unsetting that override in the template fixed the issue.

Hi @lordcirth, there was a bug on Sunstone which produce this behavior. Maybe you can try the same using CLI and if it works you can open an issue on GitHub.

i had the same problem and resolved it by delete parametr <AS_GID> (or simmilar) from template config.
Useful command, for example: onedb update-body template --id 79

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