[one.vm.info] Error getting virtual machine

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
since the update from 5.10 to I have problems getting 3 of my vms. I can’t really say what they have in common… They run properly on the KVM hosts but I can’t access them through opennebula.

root@sun01: ~ # onevm show 638
[one.vm.info] Error getting virtual machine [638].

The ond.log just says:

Unable to find VM, id: 638

Maybe the output of this is relevant:

MariaDB [opennebula]> SELECT body FROM vm_pool WHERE oid=638;

I have noticed the network name attached to the second NIC on all the failing vms has the german umlaut ö in it. Maybe this is causing the problems? I changed the name in the frontend. How can I update the body of the vm in the database?
UPDATE vm_pool SET body = ‘—+ | blablabla… | ±----------’ WHERE oid=638; ?
or is there a better way to do this?

I already fiexed the database with onedb fsck

Many thanks in advance!