ONEedge benefits

Hello, Can someone explain to me how ONEedge works? How is it different from the traditional? what advantages will be obtained? What benefits will my private cloud gain with ONEedge?
I would appreciate the answer, I have read and still do not fully understand

ONEedge is an internal project developing innovative features to deploy on-demand distributed edge cloud environments based on OpenNebula. Basically we have developed:

  1. A powerful distributed cloud architecture for OpenNebula that is composed of hybrid (edge) clusters that can run any workload, both virtualized and container workflows, on any resource, physical or virtual, anywhere, on-premises and on the cloud.

  2. The CLI and GUI tools to automate the deployment of the edge clusters so enabling “Edge as a Service”

  3. First deployment drivers for AWS (virtualized and bare-metal) and Metal Equinix

This new edge cloud support will provide existing OpenNebula users with a simple approach to deploy true hybrid and multi-cloud environments. “True” means with a single control plane that avoids lock-in, abstracts cloud functionality and ensures portability across clouds. This is “One Platform. Any App. Any Cloud. Automated”. Please read OpenNebula True Hybrid Cloud - OpenNebula – Open Source Cloud & Edge Computing Platform

All these features will be part of OpenNebula 6.0 (Beta version due in a few days).

And this is only the beginning to expand your cloud to the edge!


thanks for the answer

Hi @Aaron_Loor! We published OpenNebula 6.0 beta last week, so if you try this new version, please let us know, feedback is always more than welcome! :nerd_face:

Also, for a preview of the new edge computing features developed as part of the ONEedge project, please sign up for this CNCF on-demand webinar: