OpenNebula 6.0 "Mutara" is Here! 🚀


OpenNebula 6.0 ‘Mutara’ is now available for download! :rocket: Kudos to all those members of the OpenNebula Community who have contributed to improve and test this amazing new version! :clap: We are really excited to announce a release that comes with a significant number of new functionalities, among which you’ll find the cool edge computing features developed in the context of our ONEedge initiative.

‘Mutara’ is the first stable release of the new OpenNebula 6 series, and these are its main highlights:

  • A powerful distributed cloud architecture for OpenNebula that is composed of Edge Clusters that can run any workload —both virtual machines and application containers— on any resource —bare metal or virtualized— anywhere —on a cloud provider or on-premises. This hyperconverged edge cloud solution maximizes workload performance and availability, and comes with a native 3-tier storage architecture that simplifies and speeds up the deployment of containers and services across edge locations :earth_americas:
  • A fully featured command line interface and a modern, slick web interface— FireEdge —to easily manage public cloud and edge providers and the seamless provisioning of OpenNebula’s Edge Clusters. You can quickly expand on-demand your OpenNebula cloud with third-party resources thanks to this point and click interface and create an “Edge as a Service” environment in just a few minutes! :star_struck:
  • A first set of templates and drivers to expand your OpenNebula cloud using AWS and Equinix Metal resources, creating Edge Clusters based on KVM and/or Firecracker :fire:
  • The new support for Dockerfiles and a revamped Marketplace for VM templates, which now is able to store service templates, which considerably improves user experience in the execution of complex container workflows, multi-tier services and management of CNCF-certified Kubernetes clusters on the edge 🤹

For more details, have a look at the official announcement :arrow_left:

:loudspeaker: And to learn more about this amazing new release of OpenNebula, please join our Engineering Team for the presentation webinar we’ll be having on Wednesday, April 14 @ 11am ET! :nerd_face:


OpenNebula is a great edge and big step in Mutara version :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


Thanks, @vaheeD! :blush: We are really excited about this new release too! Don’t miss the webinar on Wednesday! :wink:

The recording of the presentation webinar is already available on demand, btw! :arrow_down:

Enjoy OpenNebula 6.0! :nerd_face: