Opennebula 4.14.2 on Devuan1 - Upgrade to latest version 5.12??

Hi all,
is it possible to update Opennebula 4.14.2 to the latest version 5.12 on Devuan1, if so without steps?
I am new to the project and have no experience with Opennebula and Devuan1 so far.
Responsible colleagues are unfortunately no longer there ;- (

The reason is that we have to work with Terraform and opennebula.provider.
There are no problems against Opennebula 5.12 (test system).
For the old system, we get a 503 back.
There’s nothing in the logs, firewall doesn’t exist.
Netstat shows that all ports are available.

Regards, Tom.

Opennebula 4.14.2