OpenNebula 5.0 Beta: Creating an S3 Marketplace with Ceph RGW fails

Hi all,

I’m trying to setup an Marketplace with the S3 driver on a Ceph RADOS Gateway:
The Ceph stuff works. I’ve checked it with the s3cmd and was able to create the bucket.
On the OpenNebula side I dicovered two problems.

First the simple one a UI thing:
The Endpoint isn’t displayed in the ‘Wizard’ Sunstone UI while editing. The ‘Advaned’ Tab shows all data correctly.

The second one is the harder one. :wink: I’m receiving an error in the in the oned logs:

Fri Jun 3 11:29:11 2016 [Z0][MKP][I]: Command execution fail: /var/lib/one/remotes/market/s3/monitor …
Fri Jun 3 11:29:11 2016 [Z0][MKP][I]: /var/lib/one/remotes/market/s3/S3.rb:26:in initialize': uninitialized constant S3::Aws (NameError) Fri Jun 3 11:29:11 2016 [Z0][MKP][I]: from /var/lib/one/remotes/market/s3/monitor:76:innew’
Fri Jun 3 11:29:11 2016 [Z0][MKP][I]: from /var/lib/one/remotes/market/s3/monitor:76:in `'
Fri Jun 3 11:29:11 2016 [Z0][MKP][I]: ExitCode: 1
Fri Jun 3 11:29:11 2016 [Z0][MKP][E]: Error monitoring datastore 100: -

The server (CentOS 7.2) running oned contains the aws-sdk (1.66.0) but my impression is that the code in /var/lib/one/remotes/market/s3/S3.rb expects an newer version of the gem. Version 1.66.0 is installed by the script /usr/share/one/install_gems.

The endpoint uses https with an official SSL cert.

The setup was done by a modified Puppet module epost-one v1.3. I’ve extended the templates for the oned, Sunestone and its views. The generated config files are matching a standard 5.0 beta rpm installation.

Regards jules (irc: #opennebula nick: wob)

Hi, as you already pointed out, this is a problem with the gem versions. While the ec2 hybrid functionality requires the version 1.66.0 of the gem, this code requires >= 2.

I have “fixed” it by requiring the appropriate gem for each functionality and adding the installation of both gem versions to the install_gems:

Can you try again, after install a newer version of the aws-sdk gem?