Opennebula error service novnc

hi every body
i have issue with novnc /var/log/one/novnc.log - - [10/Apr/2021 07:57:56] Plain non-SSL (ws://) WebSocket connection - - [10/Apr/2021 07:57:56] Version hybi-13, base64: ‘False’ - - [10/Apr/2021 07:57:56] Path: ‘/?host=’ - - [10/Apr/2021 07:57:56] connecting to: node02:5931
handler exception: [Errno 111] Connection refused

i check server listen
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 423463/python3

firewalld inactive.

pls help me checl

Hello @nguyen.tran

It seems that your host is refusing the connection, please check that connection to node02 port 5931 works, for example, running the command telnet node02 5931.