Opennebula and Galera/Mysql

What is the plan around Galera/MySql? Will Galera/Mysql be supported for a muti-datacenter federation setup with opennebula in the future? The master and slave concept of Mysql is the older way of handling things…


I quickly went through the galera docs and the main benefit will be that
salves can become masters, and probably a better sync mode (?) In any case,
there are other caching issues at oned, so at application level we do not
plan to change the master-slave model for oned model.

So, I think that this is just a configuration issue. IMHO you should be
able to configure a galera cluster for an OpenNebula federation or HA,
based on the hints for MySQL at The recommended HA
setup uses multi-master replication, so probably you can leverage Galera
features for this also.

Keep us updated if you try this!


Ok, Thanks,