Do i need replicate only certain tables to federation slave?

Hello, I have 2 Database Server with MariaDB galera cluster replication. I want to add new opennebula zone. I understood that I need to add slave database server with certain tables replication:
replicate-do-table = opennebula.user_pool
replicate-do-table = opennebula.group_pool
replicate-do-table = opennebula.vdc_pool
replicate-do-table = opennebula.zone_pool
replicate-do-table = opennebula.db_versioning
replicate-do-table = opennebula.acl

My question. Can I add third multimaster server with full database replication for new slave zone ( for federation slave)? Or I must replicate only tables from list?

The slave must only replicate the given tables.
All the other resources (such as VMs) are different for each zone, and need their own local tables.

Thanks a lot!