Upgrade of the federation slave zones to version 6 CE

Good day,

I’m trying to upgrade my federated opennebula setup version 5.12 to the version 6.0.0-1.ce.
I have only two zones: master and slave. Both servers work on Ubuntu 18.04. As an update instruction I used official manual.
For now master server has been updated and works fine. On the slave server I restored database as mentioned on the step five of the official manual, then I upgraded opennebula packages and tried to upgrade database on the slave server executing command “onedb upgrade -v” which gave me output “Database schema is up to date”. I believed that this is the end of the update process and slave zone successfully upgraded to the version 6.0.0-1.ce but unfortunately opennebula service does not start. In oned.log file there is an error “Database version mismatch ( local_db_versioning). Installed OpenNebula 6.0.0 (3218016d) needs DB version ‘6.0.0’, and existing DB version is ‘5.12.0’.” It seems that database upgrade of the slave zone didn’t happen.
Output of the command “onedb version -v” confirms my guess.

/var/log/one$ /usr/bin/onedb version -v
Shared tables version: 6.0.0
Required version: 6.0.0
Timestamp: 04/26 11:53:57
Comment: Database migrated from 5.12.0 to 6.0.0 (OpenNebula 6.0.0) by onedb command.

Local tables version: 5.12.0
Required version: 6.0.0
Timestamp: 11/12 15:16:49
Comment: Database migrated from 5.10.0 to 5.12.0 (OpenNebula 5.12.0) by onedb command.

Someone knows why command “onedb upgrade -v” doesn’t upgrade database of the slave zone ? What am I doing wrong ?