OpenNebula Great A'Tuin 4.14 Beta1 is Out!

The OpenNebula team is proud to announce a the availability of the first development version of OpenNebula 4.14 Great A’Tuin. Several major features have been introduced in Great A’Tuin. One of the most interesting for cloud users and administrators is the ability to create and maintain a tree of VM disks snapshots. Now VM disks can be reverted to a previous state at any given time, and they are preserved in the image if it is persistent in the image datastore. Also, support for saving VMs into VM Templates, flexible context definition of network attributes, ability to import running VMs, and many other changes that can be consulted in the development portal.

The OpenNebula team is now set to bug-fixing mode. Note that this is a beta release aimed at testers and developers to try these new features (not production environments) and send a more than welcomed feedback for the final release.

There are a number of very interesting features that will make their appearance in the final release but not present in the Beta1, like for instance better support for Qcow2 for live snapshotting and GPU support for VMs.

Enjoy the great turtle!

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