OpenNebula Great A’Tuin 4.14.2 is Out!

The OpenNebula team is proud to announce a new maintenance release of OpenNebula 4.14.2 Great A’Tuin. This release comes with several bug fixes found after the 4.14 release. These bug fixes covers different OpenNebula components like the Cloud View self service portal, Sunstone web interface, OpenNebula Core and several drivers (VM, IM, Network, Auth), as well as with the OneGate component. Check the full list of bug fixes in the development portal.

This release also includes several improvements in several OpenNebula components. Cloud View and Sunstone have very interesting new features that boost usability and productivity, whereas other areas have been improved for security and reliability. vCenter integration has also received its share of love, with interesting new features like VMware Customization spec support. Check out the full list of improvements introduced in this release in the documentation.

The team is working on a new version of the Marketplace compatible with 4.14.2, as well as a new set of context packages.

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I’ve noticed that the 4.14 repo has changed from
Moreover “last modified” for all files has been updated.

I’m not familiar with opennebula package release procedure
but this looks to me non-standard. If all 4.14 releases go under one directory
then the download path should not change, and the old releases modification dates
should not be touched. If a minor release gets it’s own path it should be probably called repo/4.14.2/ and do not contain the old 4.14 releases.

Hi, we are making some changes to the packages, they will be available in just a few hours again in the same path. Sorry for the confusion.

We have generated a 4.14.2-2 set of packages fixing a bug that was caught one hour after the release. All the packages and repos are at their proper location now.