OpenNebula + Hyper V + Automation


I am an absolute newbie on OpenNebula. I have inherited an infrastructure, where 10 Hyper V servers are scattered around hosting VMs.

I use Virtual Machine Manager to Manage all of them.

Can OpenNebula sit at the top of this layer for HyperV servers to automate provisioning VMs ?

Possible implementation cycle like this

  1. Use Opennebula scripting interface to provision custom Base VMs on HyperV. Custom VMs in the sense, IP address, Netmask, Hostname preconfigured

  2. Use Ansible/Puppet/Chef to provision apps on them

Does this sound crazy ?



Hi friend, I think this is possible, according to Hyper-v(an old driver) and automation tools support:

  1. Opennebula Contextualization(vm/os customization):

  2. Automation:


Thanks for the reply. Let me try hands-on at home Lab.

Thanks and Regards,