OpenNebula Install Services

Hi guys!
I was wondering if anyone could recommend any 3rd party company / individuals that do OpenNeula installs?

I am looking to build a production environment (Small. 2 servers with some shared storage).

The other option is…Does OpenNebula themselves provide services?


IMO OpenNebula provides services. You should check

@dbelkie ,

Have two options for you:

  1. My company has engineers that are extremely familiar with OpenNebula and could we could easily provide this type of service to you (they just directed me to this post, in fact).

  2. We also have an IaaS offering (with managed service options) built entirely off of OpenNebula if you don’t want to buy the servers / storage / stand up OpenNebula yourself.

Happy to discuss either further, just let me know.



You might be interested in OpenNebula Systems Jumpstart program to design and deploy an OpenNebula cloud tailored to your particular infrastructure requirements: