OpenNebula & Terraform context block issue

hey all
i was able to create vm using terraform but…
when i use the context block im facing an issue

Error: Unsupported block type

on line 34, in resource “opennebula_template” “mytemplate”:
34: context {

Blocks of type “context” are not expected here. Did you mean to define
argument “context”? If so, use the equals sign to assign it a value.

i am adding it exactly as the guide shows in formal terraform docs in here

Hello @hbar, you need to define the context block with an equal sign like below:

context = {
    NETWORK      = "YES"
    HOSTNAME     = "$NAME"
    START_SCRIPT ="yum upgrade"

Omitting the equal sing for defining attributes was only supported in Terraform <0.12 (Terraform 0.12 Compatibility for Providers - Terraform by HashiCorp). We have an issue for updating the documentation in the GitHub repository.

you are the king!!! thanks