OpenNebula third party API integration


I’m new to opennebula, Openenbula is implemented in our organization and works well, Now we need to add some new functionalities with calling APIs of third party apps like Veeam Backup and replication and give the customer the ability to take backup from his/her virtual machine on demand inside sunstone, or creating new features by running some powerCLI scripts in background and show the results in sunstone portal, can anyone help me in this regard?

Thank you

I don’t have much experience with OpenNebula, but from what I can tell, XML-RPC API is the way to integrate your custom apps. There are SDKs for multiple languages (Ruby, Java, Go, Python

If you want to add custom functionality to Sunstone UI, there is a reference documentation for it.

So, I think your approach should be:

  1. add your custom UI to Sunstone
  2. have UI call XML-RPC functions that you need
  3. give visual feedback to user the way you want

You can also take a look at some of the OpenNebula addons inside the Github repo.
Hope this helps