Need Help Regarding The Open Nebula API

Hello All,

I hope you guys are doing fantastic job !

I need help is there any PHP API available on github that will perform maximum number of integration feature with openNebula.


Judging by this page, OpenNebula only offers API for Ruby, Java, Python and Go.

That being said, basic API implementation is based on XML RPC, so it should be possible to use any language which has supporting libraries. I suppose that for PHP, you can use XML-RPC module like this one. It will probably take more manual work then using specific language API, but you should be able to pull it off.

I used php when I integrated this.
Make sure you have php xmlrpc installed and just follow the guides for the xmlrpc api to send your requests, it’s pretty straight forward once you get one working

I just created a wrapper function so I could send what I needed as args to the function and the function did the error handling etc for each call.

I’ll try dig it out hopefully might help you out