Problem with use of node.js and API XML RPC


I’ve got some trouble with using the API XML RPC with node.js.

I would like to know if it’s possible to use this API with other language then Ruby, PyOne, java.

And could i get a example of this use with node.js back-end server.

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See you soon.

OpenNebula have bindings for Ruby, Python, Java and Golang but not for node.js. Here (System Interfaces — OpenNebula 5.8.5 documentation) you can find more information about the supported APIs and some examples.

If you want to use node.js with OpenNebula you have to find a node.js XMLRPC library and make the calls by yourself. The XMLRPC calls format is available here: XML-RPC API — OpenNebula 5.8.5 documentation

Ok, you just mean that i’ve bindings with those language.

Well, in fact, i could use python with django to make it work well with a web app ?

It might be hard to use node with XML RPC then. I will think a bit about it.

Thanks for your answer.

If you need to works with node.js you can take a look at this repo but it is not officially supported.

About using the python API with django I’ve never do something similar but it should works.

But do you think, in a close futur, we will be able to get official binding for nodejs supported for opennebula ? I don’t know if you are from the team opennebula.

Do you have some idea to help me to build a web app base on the API XML-RPC for Opennebula. Such as good language and framework ?

Yes, I’m from the OpenNebula team but I don’t know if a node.js API will be added soon.

Regarding to make a web app base on our APIs you can take as example our web interface, Sunstone, which use ruby.

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Ok, thank a lot ! I will try my best then.