Opennebula Windows VM VirtIo Scsi Installation Error

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With VM install Windows OS it show’s error, Windows cannot be installed in the disk. but i add virtio driver, i don’t know where is issue

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Opennebula Version: 6.6

Steps to reproduce:
Change storage bus driver into SATA, Virtio, IDE all things tried.
Current results:
Still it shows error, screenshot attached

Expected results:

This issue will short down while give SATA bus in Template, But i got network issue vm network not communicate with bridge network, so network ip not getting error screenshot attached.

Still Network ip not get manual also not ping with bridge network, screenshot attached.

In order to build a Windows VM, please take a look at this KB article

Hi dclavijo,
I already build that and installed, but vm not get ip from external network that is the issue.

Did you install the latest context package ?

Hi dclavijo,
Already installed opennebula windows context package but still got an error, look through post i need to give in template that SATA for disk virtio then only os will install and for network also, but before i not need to give that details. It also work well but i don’t know why like that now.

issue resolved problem with network connection in ovs-br.