Override context disk TARGET attribute for a host or template


we have been very successful so far with integrating a powerkvm (ppc64 arch) into our OpenNebula infrastructure. (Upstream of addon will follow when we have it fully working)

We now ran into one issue that i could not fix so far. The emulator does not support the IDE bus (at least not in the last available version from redhat) and so we were searching for a way to override the target device of the context cdrom from hda to sda. I’m aware that i can set the default in oned.conf but that would be system wide and i just need it for vms that go to this host.
Could this be done in a template somehow or can i patch a template or anything?


Hi Sulaweyo,

Did you try setting DEV_PREFIX to ‘sd’ in the custom context vars?

You should have something like:

DEV_PREFIX = “sd”,

In sunstone: tempaltes -> VMs -> update VM template -> context tab -> Custom Vars …

Kind Regards,
Anton Todorov

Hi Anton,

that definitely worked for us!!

Thanks a lot,
the context plugin is just amazing :wink: