Ovswitch driver does not use BRIDGE_OVS value

Hi all

We are installing Open vSwitch in some of our hypervisors, so now we have an heterogeneous conf, some hyps are still using linux bridges with the dummy driver and the new ones are using OVS with ovswitch driver. In our case linux bridges are called “br100” and OVS ones “ovsbr0”. OpenNebula documentation says that it is possible to use different bridge names for OpenvSwitch and linux bridges (and that’s great :smile:) [1] . So our OpenNebula 4.10.2 vnet conf looks like this:


but when the xml is generated in our ovswitch node looks like this:

<interface type='bridge'>
<virtualport type='openvswitch'/>
<source bridge='br100'/>
<mac address='aa:01:00:80:04:00'/>
<model type='virtio'/>

source bridge is still pointing to the BRIDGE value instead of BRIDGE_OVS… everything else is ok, but the VM is not instantiated because the name is wrong.

Is this an known issue? or something is missing in the documentation?

Thanks in advance!

Please check:

1.- The following attribute is defined in oned.conf and in use
2.- That value is actually in the VM NIC attribute (onevm show -x)
3.- The host is using “ovswitch” as network driver (onehost show -x)

Hi Ruben

Thanks a lot for the feedback!, you are right, INHERIT_VNET_ATTR is not set in our oned,conf! we have to fix our Quattor configuration… after this change everything is working fine! :wink:

Thanks a lot!