Multiple bridges over bonded ethernet devices with openvswitch

I am attempting to make some changes to our networking setup. Currently we run separate, physical, networks: management, data, public. Each openvswitch bridge is built on top of it’s own physical wired ethernet port. vlan is handled on the physical switch to allow each type of traffic.

As we move to 10Gbps ethernet, I am looking to change the configuration such that we use a pair of bonded ethernet ports and create the 3 bridges over the 1 physical bonded device.

I’ve done a lot of reading and tried various configurations, but nothing has worked. Does anybody have their network configured in this fashion? If so, would you be able to share the commands/configs you use?

I am using an older ONE right now (4.2.0), but I don’t think that should matter as I don’t even have the host OS configured properly yet. If it does, I can certainly upgrade. We are running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with current updates, and kvm.

Thank you in advance for any help,

I was just able to get this working and hope this can help somebody in the future. The solution is pretty simple.

Previously I had br0, br1, br2 over physical ports. In the new setup, I was trying to use ovs fake bridges to essentially do the same thing. In my ONE vnet definition, I was trying to utilize the fake bridge, which does not work. While the local networking on the host seems fine, when you try to deploy a VM you will see something like:

ovs-ofctl: br0 is not a bridge or a socket
ovs-ofctl: dl_src=02:00:c7:15:f9:51: port value out of range for in_port

The solution is to define the vnet in ONE using the real bridge (br2 in my case) and also set it to vlan with the appropriate ID. This is working fine.

Hope this helps somebody,