Pass to the VM some specific CPU instruction set

Hi all,
I am trying to install an application on a ubuntu VM. However to start, this program needs some CPU instruction set as the SSE4.2 . I checked on my physical server if it supports these instruction and it does but I don’t know how to make them visible from my VM. I found in some forum that this is possible using the RAW context value of the VM Configuration and passing an XML file but the structure of this file is not well defined (at least for me).

Do you know how can I pass some CPU instruction set to a VM?

Thank you very much


Please provide some more context information. Like what version of OpenNebula you are using, link to the info you red, host OS, relevant package versions (libvirt, qemu etc…).

It is hard to guide you just guessing what you are running.

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Anton Todorov

In the end I solves this problem using the RAW value in :
and select KVM and insert in the data this:
" Nehalem Intel "

This will allow you to set a different CPU architecture.