PCI Passthrough for graphics card consisting of multiple PCI devices

Hi all,

I am looking into doing PCI Passthrough with an Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080Ti but there’s one thing I am wondering about.
This device actually consists out of multiple PCI devices, with some testing on a hypervisor I found out I actually have to do passthrough for four devices instead of one or it wont work.
With multiple cards per host I dont think it would be an option to just setup the four needed device ID’s in a VM as it will most probably select random PCI devices from different cards and everything will break.
Goal is to have these cards show as the normal single devices but in the backend setup the passthrough for the other three devices that are incorporated in the card.
Has anyone done this before or is it not possible right now and does it need code?

below some listings on the card.

~# lspci -mmnn | grep -i nvidia
b1:00.0 “VGA compatible controller [0300]” “NVIDIA Corporation [10de]” “GV102 [1e07]” -ra1 “ASUSTeK Computer Inc. [1043]” “Device [866a]”
b1:00.1 “Audio device [0403]” “NVIDIA Corporation [10de]” “Device [10f7]” -ra1 “ASUSTeK Computer Inc. [1043]” “Device [866a]”
b1:00.2 “USB controller [0c03]” “NVIDIA Corporation [10de]” “Device [1ad6]” -ra1 -p30 “ASUSTeK Computer Inc. [1043]” “Device [866a]”
b1:00.3 “Serial bus controller [0c80]” “NVIDIA Corporation [10de]” “Device [1ad7]” -ra1 “ASUSTeK Computer Inc. [1043]” “Device [866a]”

~# find /sys/kernel/iommu_groups/ -type l