Persistent Image sizing on VM creation


I would like to ask if there is any way how to setup template in a way that user will be able to select disk image size while creating new VM from template. (disk images should be persistent) For now I am only able to create multiple templates with specific disk image sizes based on persistent images in these templates.

I would like to allow user to create persistent VM with any size of disk image and make it persistent after creation (disk can be also empty - datablock type).


Hi Martin,

AFAIK it is not possible to resize a persistent image when created, but it could be resized after the VM is instantiated. Selecting “Instantiate as persistent” while instantiating a VM will create a new clone of the persistent image and the VM template. Then, once VM is instantiated the user could resize the persistent image clone.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

Hi Anton,
thanks for your answer. I think this should be added to feautre requests.

I am curious if some other OpenNebula users dont want this to be added also.
There could be an option to resize persistent disk image on VM creation and copied disk could be resized right after instantialization so user will not be confused how to define his disk size in Sunstone while creating VM.

For now I will probably have to create multiple images with predefined size within multiple templates.


Hello, there is already opened issue about this and is planned to 5.6 release

The related issue was moved to 5.8 so lets be optimistic for the autumn release :wink:

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