4.14 Sunstone: Error allocating a new virtual machine


i installed the latest stable Version of OpenNenbula --> 4.14.
When i try to instantiate a template via Sunstone it results in the following message:

[TemplateInstantiate] Error allocating a new virtual machine. DISK 0: SIZE attribute is not supported for persistent image [1028].

Starting a kvm with “onetemplate instantiate 422 --name kvm_name” works fine.

Maybe something wrong with the “Create Virtual Machine” Dialog in Sunstone ?


Hi Hans,

The side slider should not be shown for persistent images. We will fix this for the next release. Meanwhile you can just remove the value from the input close to the slider and create the VM.

Thank you for the feedback

Hi Daniel,

thank you for your hint. It worked fine.
I’m looking forward to the fixed Version.