Port Forwarding or translating

Hello I’m new to Opennebula,
i have setup the version 14.4 and i would like to know howto forward a list of port to internal VMs.
Currently i know i can use Security Group to forward a list of port to internal VMs but with Security Group it’s the same ports that will be forwarded but what i want do is for example forward port 6600-7600 to internal 3000:4000.
Please is there any solution to do it directly with OpenNebula.
PS: I know i can also use directly iptables to do it but that will be outside OpenNebula.
Any Help/Hint there.
Thanks and
Best regards

Hello, I wrote nodejs script which generate shorewall DNAT rules for forwarding. You need to setup some computer/virtual server as router in your network and use shorewall for it.

Hi Feldsam,
thanks for your reply i will have a look and let you know :slight_smile:
best regards,