Problem importing wild vm - operation hangs indefinitly

Please, describe the problem here and provide additional information below (if applicable) …
from a list of about 200 vms, more than half of them can’t import. when you press the green import button, it simply spins endlessly without results or error. it can go on like this for hours

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
5.8.1 freshly installed. i’ve tested this operation right after the installation per your instructions

Steps to reproduce:
perform a frond-end install of 5.8.1 on centos 7 x64 bit minimal iso install
Current results:
can’t import vms
Expected results:
will be able to import vms, exactly like i can in 5.6.1

Hi, can you try the action, but with the chrome console open? Is it to be able to see the error that may be occurring, and take a screenshot of what appears?