Problem with VLAN ID

Hi, guys.
I need some help with VLAN ID.
In my Data-center i should use VLAN range from 0100 to 0200.
In the config file - oned.conf i change the block:

START = “0100”,
RESERVED = “0, 1, 4095”

But when i create VM, it uses VLAN 26.
In my Vitrual Network i use Automatic VLAN ID
Why it heppened? And how can i set STOP VLAN_IDS in the oned.conf?

Hi, try witthout leading zero, so START="100" and don’t forget to restart oepnnebula service

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Hi. Thank you for your reply.
I will try.
How can i set the end of VLAN in the oned.conf?
Should i use the “END” argument?

END = “200”,

Hello, there is no END arg.

# VLAN_IDS: VLAN ID pool for the automatic VLAN_ID assignment. This pool
# is for 802.1Q networks (Open vSwitch and 802.1Q drivers). The driver
# will try first to allocate VLAN_IDS[START] + VNET_ID
# start: First VLAN_ID to use
# reserved: Comma separated list of VLAN_IDs or ranges. Two numbers
# separated by a colon indicate a range.

So you can use START = 100 and into RESERVED you can add 0, 1, 501:4095. In this case start is 100 and end is 500

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Thank you so much