Range for automatic VLAN ID


In oned.conf there is a bloc to configure the automatic VLAN id (we use OpenVswitch).

    START    = "2000",,
    RESERVED = "0, 1, 4095"

Is there a way to add and END ? We try this:

    START    = "2000",
    END      = "3499",
    RESERVED = "0, 1, 4095"

No error, but is it correct ?

ps: Can’t find this in the documentation.

Limit is only set for 802.1Qx + ovswitch, it is limited to 4095 (by oned,
for these drivers only)

How can I tell oned to only use VLANs from 2000 to 3499 ? (3499 or any other end of range)

Not, supported right now, you need to put all the numbers in oned.conf. We
need to add ranges (eg. reserved 3500-4000)

Thanks Ruben. Any ticket to follow the implementation of this feature ?

I’ve opened one:


thanks again Ruben. That’s perfect