Published an on-line introduction course to OpenNebula

I’d like to announce that I’ve published an on-line introduction course to OpenNebula which is available at my learning site for Spanish speaking users, though this course and site will be available in English soon so I’ll update this post once it’s available.

This course introduces OpenNebula 5 on a laboratory over CentOS where Ansible is used to install OpenNebula (no previous knowledge on Ansible is required). Some videos are free on preview so you can take a glance on how the course is taught and what topics are covered at

When taking this course you’ll have access to 47 video lessons (almost 11 hour in length) and if you pass a final practice, you’ll get a certificate of completion.

I hope this on-line course will be useful for those who wants to get their feet wet with OpenNebula’s awesome project.