Pyone Progress and Ansible development starting


Since we make the announcement of the new Pyone addon the response of OpenNebula’s community has been great!

Lots of contributions have been made helping make Pyone stable, complete and maintainable.

Special thanks to:

  • @madko for testing in environments with 600+ VMs, leading to the identification of multiple issues.
  • Maarten Kooyman for porting to Python3
  • @marcindulak for testing and developing an Ansible dynamic inventory script based on Pyone

The development of the Ansible modules for managing OpenNebula is starting now. There is a first working module, XMLRPC/Pyone is a good foundation and development is easy and productive.

I hope the community gets involved and we deliver a great module in record time!

So, If you like Ansible, OpenNebula, Python… and you would like to contribute get in touch!

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to really thank you for this awesome contribution. Python bindings has been long overdue, this will be very useful to OpenNebula community

kudos to @rvalle, @madko and @marcindulak


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