New addon: Pyone

OpenNebula is glad to be adding this new Pyone addon to our github organization.
This library was built by @rvalle is an alternative XML-RPC binding for python.

Installation notes and more can be found on the addon repository:

As always, we are specting your feedback and experiences on how you are using this new tool.
Big congrats for another great contribution!

Thanks @dcorral3!

Soon will start building an Ansible module for Open Nebula with it.

Feedback and contribution are very welcome!

As soon as you get ansible something - publish a repo :slight_smile: and more people will join.

Sure, we are just getting the basics working with pyone, plus making it work with python 3, then we will publish a repo for ansible.

Happy so far, some people is helping finding issues and even sending pull requests on pyone.

It is very promising.

Hi @rvalle,

Can you provide some more sample code about how OpenNebula API is being used?

When reading some API descriptions, I have no idea about how they are being used and what these parameters are. I make me so confused.


Hi @quocbao

The goal of pyone is to make OpenNebula’s XMLRPC API accessible and easy to use from Python.

You will need to read documentation and get familiar with OpenNebula administration and its XMLRPC API for all of this to make sense.

OpenNebula’s XML RPC is very consistent and easy to get familiar with, however, it is true that some elements such as “TEMPLATE” require knowledge about administering OpenNebula and what can be specified in there.

We have provided some examples in the github documentation: such as getting your list of hosts, querying and updating one host template. That should get you started with programming in python, it works the same way for other objects.

However, you will have to refer to OpenNebula documentation to understand what can be provided in each template.

Thank you very much for this helpful library :smiley: