Re-attach existing Disk Image


I would like to know if it is possible to re-attach previously detached disk image from VM. Deataching disk image from VM means symlink to disk is deleted, but it is possible to reattach same disk back to VM ?

This is VM folder :
disk.0 -> disk.0.snap/0 (root disk symlink)
disk.1 -> disk.1.snap/0 (swap disk symlink)
disk.2 (context disk)

When I detach let’s say SWAP disk from VM symlink “disk.1 -> disk.1.snap/0” is deleted but disk image stays in VM folder. Is it possible to reattach this disk back to VM ?

Thanks for any suggestions.

EDIT: I am using version 5.0.2, SWAP disk image is non-persistent disk of type DATABLOCK and I’am using Gluster with libgfapi to serve disk images to nodes of cluster