Remove vm from list

Hi everyone.
One of my vm’s is stuck in the “hold” status and i cannot terminate|delete it.
Is there any way to remove it from command line or using request to database?

When i try to terminate this vm i get an error

Unexpected error executing code for particular method, detected by Xmlrpc-c method registry code. Method did not fail; rather, it did not complete at all. Reference to xmlrpc_c::value that has not been instantiated. (xmlrpc_c::value::isInstantiated may be useful in diagnosing)

Hello Ivan,

You could use onevm recover $VMID --delete-db to delete the VM.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

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Hi guys,

Just a side note to the @atodorov_storpool comment. As your VM is in HOLD state probably it was never deployed, so it’s OK to run onevm recover $VMID --delete-db command. But for other cases, just take into account that this action will just remove the VM from the OpenNebula DB without triggering any cleaning script, so you might want to check that the resources related to the VM have been freed from your DS.