Removed nic, added new nic and context isn't updated

I had a machine built with 2 NIC’s. Then I removed both of them and add one new one. vCenter shows correctly 1 nic added, but /tmp/ doesn’t have the nic info.

When I try to run updateconf on the vm and add NIC info there, even though the files is saved, every time I reopen it the NIC info is removed. What am I missing here ?

The template in Sunston contains NIC information, but it doesn’t propagate to the actual machine.


It’s old bug and not resolved.

Hi nicpon!
as Anton says there’s an open ticket for that issue, and there was a similar discussion here for other readers reading this post. Hopefully it will be solved for next release.


Thanks guys. I have a workaround just taking content from template through sunstone and running onevm updateconf on the machine.