Add second NICs to VM

Hello! How to add second NIC to VM? If I don’t add all NICs before deploy VM, after all added NIC don’t have settings because in don’t have this settings! I add screen with second NIC added after delete first NIC.

I can add additional NIC when I step into eddition of VM, in tab “Network”. (I’m using opennebula 5.2.0).

I can too, but second NIC don’t work!

Does OS see new interface? Does ifconfig or ip a show new interface?

Yes! OS see NIC but doesn’t have settings!

Deploy VM without NICs and then try to add one or two NICs, then reboot ant try add third NIC.
And you see - if you don’t add all needed NICs before first deploy - all NICs don’t work!

Hi Anton!,
I think that problem is indeed related to a bug with context regeneration when adding NICs and this ticket should be related with it.


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Thanks for answer!