Resizing VMware VMs with 4.12.1

I am attempting to resize my VMware VMs with both sunstone and the cli (onevm resize …) without success. The VM is powered off when trying to resize. When resizing thru either sunstone or the cli, the command return as successful.
onevm resize 32 --cpu 3

From the oned.log:
Mon Aug 24 18:32:44 2015 [Z0][ReM][D]: Req:6560 UID:0 VirtualMachineResize invoked , 32, “CPU = 3.0…”, false
Mon Aug 24 18:32:44 2015 [Z0][ReM][D]: Req:6560 UID:0 VirtualMachineResize result SUCCESS, 32

The change is reflected in Sunstone. No attempt is made to reconfigure the VM in vCenter. OpenNebula is connected to a 6.0 vCenter with full admin rights. I can successfully deploy from a template but not change cpu or memory at deployment. I can power off, poweron, create and commit a snapshot, but cannot add a disk.

Also, does the VMware drivers also need to be configured when working with vCenter?

I see now that the correct setting to change is “vcpu”. Unfortunately, the result is still the same. The cpu count on the vm has not changed. The same is true when trying to change the amount of memory assigned.


This feature has been introduced after 4.12.1:

You can apply the changes described in this commit, or try out the 4.14 beta1.

The VMware drivers does not need to be configured when only interfacing with vCenter.