Running VMs in system DS

Hi everyone.
According the system datastore documents, “The system datastore is a special Datastore class that holds images for running VMs.”, i have some running vms in the cluster but image tab in that system datastore section is empty!! why?
Am i wrong?

Someone who will advise?

hi, if you navigate to the actual file location of the system datastore, you will see that any image living there is a symlink to the original image in other datastores (default or files).

So when you start a VM with image X, opennebula will create a symlink from the physical image to the system datastore and a symlink doesnt take any space. It is ust used to know what image / cd / datablock is in use and what isnt.

hope this helps !

see also:
which states:

System DS size of 0 is normal for first time installations.

more about datastores:

The images tab is supposed to show the registered images. But now that you mention it, the system DS should not have a list of images in sunstone because you can’t register new images in it…

We’ll fix it in the next release

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