Scheduled disk snapshots?

I’m running the new 5.6 release as a PoC for my companies new “cloud” product. I’ve got it running on KVM hypervisors using Ceph RBD as backing storage.

As qemu doesn’t seem to support VM snapshots with Ceph RBD (qcow2 only) we’re just using disk snapshots as a workaround. I see in Sunstone the option to create scheduled VM snapshots, but not disk snapshots.

I see a few closed/completed issues regarding scheduled disk snapshots in GitHub, so it may have slipped through the cracks:

Does anyone know of a good workaround for this issue (apart from adding an external cron script or something to call the API)? Our plan is to use Sunstone for our customers until we can complete our own integrations via API, so the best case would be something we can integrate directly into Sunstone.

I’m very lacking (for time and experience) as a dev, but seeing as it’s probably a simple enough feature I could probably add it. I’m not familiar with the codebase, so if someone can point me to where the scheduled actions are defined it would be a huge help

OpenNebula 5.6
Qemu-KVM 2.5
Ceph 10.2.9

I have opened another GitHub issue to request this feature again:


I am using the VM snapshot interface but with reconfigured opennebula to use local scripts to do disk snapshots only instead of the original scripts. The benefit of the VM snapshot interface against VM disks interface is that, if the storage allows, you could create atomic snapshots on all VM disks at once (in one transaction). In VM disk interface each disk will be snapshot-ted in separate transactions so if there is some relation of the disks in the VM (like single LVM LV on several disks) there will be inconsistency in the data leading even to data loss.