Scheduler cannot handle hosts with more than 2TB memory


I´m using version 4.4.1 of opennebula (old, but very stable).
Now I have a host with 3TB of memory and the scheduler does not deploy any vm on it.
sched.log contains the following:

Host 100 filtered out. Not enough capacity.

Then I investigated the monitoring script “kvm.rb” in “kvm-probes.d” which returns “3176695736k” of free memory for “TOTALMEMORY”,$total_memory

If I assign “2147483647” manually to the script with “$total_memory=2147483647” the scheduler works fine but then 1T of memory cannot be used. It seems as if a 32-bit variable is being used here.

Is it possible to fix this problem ?

Best regards
Hans Bienert

open bug report on